United States Water and Power
Energy Efficiency - Water Conservation - Renewable Energy 
Water Use Efficiency - Energy Conservation - Water Quality


USWP is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation.


U.S. Water and Power is a new nonprofit organization 
promoting sustainable clean energy and water policies and
technologies through educational efforts, community
organizing and research and development projects.
In partnership with both the public and private
sectors, USWP is working toward a future of clean,
renewable energy and clean water for the United States. 
In addition, USWP supports U.S. goals and international
efforts toward potable water and sanitation programs for developing world communities.



USWP also works in partnership with other
community organizations particularly with the new
nonprofit called The Water Campaign. The inter-
national water and sanitation crisis demands
greater American leadership and public participation.
The Water Campaign is positioned to make a
difference locally and globally.


   U.S. Water and Power, 1179 Nelrose Ave. Venice, CA 90291 Phn (310)822-9177
   www.uswaterandpower.com   Email: JohnCLeddy@aol.com
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