Sylvan Source - Redefining Clean Water

For Residential and Commercial Applications     


Sylvan Source’s unique technology provides ultra-clean
water using a Four-Step process: 

Degassing: Water is heated to near boiling inside the
degasser vaporizing gases and organics which are
then discharged. 

Distillation: After degassing, water moves into the
distiller where it is converted to steam. Sylvan’s
unique demisting process removes any remaining

Demisting: Steam and heavier mist droplets are
separated using a patent-pending process and
discharged from the demister. Only ultra-clean
steam is allowed to move to the last stage. 

Condensing: The condenser takes the steam, cools it
and condenses it into clean, delicious water for
cooking and drinking. 

In addition to the four-step water processing, the
Sylvan Source Technology has a patent pending
self-cleaning process with a fail safe mechanism.


Commercial/Industrial System

  • Patent-pending purification and desalination technology
    • Only system known to address all five categories of water contaminants
    • Able to handle highly contaminated feedwater, >100,000 ppm TDS
    • Core technology proven and certified in residential product
    • All system technologies proven in commercial applications

  • Lowest maintenance and operating cost
    • No membranes or heat exchangers
    • Reduced energy requirements
    • Small footprint, compact design – portable up to 10,000 GPD
    • Factory assembled modules reduce installation time and cost
    • Self-cleaning components, less susceptible to scale

Energy flexible—can utilize any heat source, including waste heat and renewable

Carbon neutral in waste heat and renewable configurations

Smallest waste stream, waste product is reclaimable and recyclable


Sylvan Source
1509 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA  94070
Phone 650-594-1420
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