Clean Energy Systems

CES has engineered a zero emissions power plant technology based on rocket science.


Clean Energy Systems has advanced a superior power generation concept. Using aerospace technology, a high energy gas generation system has been developed that powers turbines which in turn produce electricity with no emissions or pollutants. CES' innovations have produced the world's first gas generation system to sequester carbon dioxide economically when using fossil fuel or biomass fuels. This seminal technology offers on-demand, zero-pollution, low cost electricity. When burning biofuel CES is effectively a renewable energy technology. As an added benefit, CES power systems can provide auxiliary steam and revenue-generating industrial gas products, including argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

CES has received support from both the private and public
sectors including the U.S. DOE and the California Energy
Commission. In addition to the experimental combustion
unit shown on this page CES has a 5 MW power plant near
Bakersfield, California.
Clean Energy Systems (Corporate & Engineering Office)
3035 Prospect Park Drive Suite 150
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-6071

CES Kimberlina Power Plant, 16000 Driver Road, Bakersfield  CA  93308
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